Live in Elegance

We together know this temporary existence is all experiences beyond pleasures and pains. In the journey to fulfillment of our own unique purpose, remember always to live in elegance. Your elegance is your most natural, effortless, powerful, and freeing state of being.This goes beyond what is on your body, the ideas in your mind, the memories in your heart, the energies of those near you, and the spirituality that surrounds you. Your elegance is what attracts all goodness and what is your true essence as a woman.The beauty of your modesty is beyond a veil but a reflection of your soul's softness and timelessness. As you continue to live this way, you tell the universe and this world the unspoken and immeasurable worth of your spirit.Your actions always speak to me beyond your words as you tap into your most sacred presence. I shield any outside darkness coming toward you as I understand more of your inner light. We all have light, dark, and gray.There are things you may not show, though time gifts us tomorrow. There are things of you I may not know, yet your glow is evidence enough. You always respect yourself wherever you are and whomever is around you; that upholds your high dignity for the only way you can be treated. Our connection grows in time with peace in mind and life’s profound magic.You most honor God and you most honor our connection when you most honor yourself. The trust we grow together shelters and strengthens us from all storms to come. With my will to protect those close to me from this world's harms, I will help anchor you in faith from doubts, fears, worries, and uncertainties. This is not shielding you from realities of life but being present with you in those weathers you breathe.Being open with me as you exhale the days, the moments, the memories, the thoughts, and the feelings that come and go forges a wider channel of our connection.My principles are that you’re not any woman, but a woman connected to me. Our commitments to each other and The Most High bind me to honor and protect you as you deserve. Remember that judgment is reserved for Him and that the guidance and teaching I offer is with your benefit most in mind.As your belief in working toward a vision deepens, you more deeply remember that life's purpose is building with those we care for. That journey has fulfillment, impact, challenge, and a spirit that brings together great aspirations.Being a timeless woman of principle empowers you with more awareness of all the blessings around us and within us. Your elegance is in your soft-spoken expressions, the kindness in which you shower those you care for, and the virtues you uphold every day. This is the grace of your femininity and your power to live in elegance.- Ayman